1:1 YouTube Coaching

Chances Are You’re:

  • Not really sure what you should be doing and constantly second guessing what you are doing
  • Frustrated by the lack of views you’re getting
  • Confused why people just aren’t clicking on your videos
  • Disheartened because you see people are dropping off your videos before you’ve even got to the meaty bit
  • Sick of seeing other channels with loads more views and subscribers than you even though their videos give no more value than yours! 
  • You’re exhausted…

What I’ll Help You Do (Faster Than You Think)

  • Drastically increase the views your getting on your videos
  • Fast track the monetisation of your channel
  • Increase your subscribersIncrease the quality of your video content, making sure the structure of your videos and the content is guaranteed to keep people watching them for longer
  • Vastly increase the chances of your videos being found in YouTube search and being SUGGESTED by YouTube!
  • Get more confident behind the camera 
  • Drive more leads to your business
  • Multiply video efforts across platforms 
  • Get off the never-ending content creation hamster wheel

How We’ll Do It:

  • We’ll have a 60 minute strategy session each month to help you set YouTube goals and identify actions and to be accountable for delivering them
  • I’ll perform a monthly video review of your YouTube channel with a written action list 
  • I’ll give your content inspiration, ideas and tips for your upcoming videos 
  • You’ll receive a YouTube workflow created for you to work from for each of your videos

£300 per month

Let’s have a natter about the best way we can work together to make sure you’re making maximum impact with your content.

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