Im Natalie, a mum, Italiophile and foodie who just happens to have an overwhelming urge to show the world that they can succeed in business, on and offline regardless of age, insecurities and industry.

I believe in you...

I set up Hot Content to help businesses with their blogging and content; I love writing and it seemed there was a real need for quality content for those who wanted to outsource this element of their business. However, as time has gone on, the teacher in me has taken over – I did always dream of being a teacher… and then I had my own children and realised perhaps being in a confined space with more than 20 of them perhaps wasn’t for me!

I now love to teach the principles of content marketing and never tire from helping people go from confused, overwhelmed and frustrated to relieved, in control and energised. I truly believe that with the right help and a patient teacher, anyone can take control of their own online marketing and enjoy the benefits of increased brand awareness, audience engagement and leads.

Do you believe in me?

How can I expect you to answer that? If you’ve arrived on my website for the first time then you have no idea whether you can believe in me or not.

My hope is that you will connect with me and come to know me, and that, when the time’s right, I can help you to break down some of the barriers that stand between you and reaching the full potential of your personal brand and your business.

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When I’m not working I’m generally in the company of my two little monkeys, Niamh and Ethan. My absolute favourite thing to do is cook Italian food for my family whilst sipping a nice glass of red. I love to eat out too and we’re spoilt for choice of lovely eateries here in Kirkby Lonsdale. I’d love to spend more time reading but unfortunately these days I only tend to manage two pages at bedtime before falling asleep!

Hot Food: Homemade pasta in brodo

Hot Book: Wuthering Heights – Emily Bronte (cliche, I know)

Hot Film: Lost in Translation

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