We created Hot Content to fill a genuine need within the digital marketing industry. A need for fresh, interesting and engaging copy. A need for authentic connections that build real relationships. A need for websites that work for people as well as for search engines.

We answer this need with content that is as attractive on the page, as it is in the search algorithms. Content that reads so well and captures the interest so completely, that it breaks down the barriers that we all put up when we feel we’re being sold to.

Perfect Partners.

Just like our work, the Hot Content team combines a love of the language, with a deep understanding of how the web works. Our core team both have backgrounds in English Literature, and both have years of experience working with the web, from proofreading to ensure your site is word perfect, to SEO to ensure your site has the perfect words.

Like all good partnerships, we have contrasting and complementary skills, which come together to create something that is more than just the sum of its parts.

Perfect Partnerships.

Even we can’t do everything! As well as our own in-house skills, Hot Content also works with a network of talented and experienced writers to help us produce our high quality words. Our team is hand picked, and we are delighted to have some great people we can call on to produce consistently creative and engaging copy for you.

In order to offer you a true one-stop digital marketing service, we also work with leading web designers, video producers, and PR companies, all coordinated for you through a single point of contact.

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When I’m not working I’m generally in the company of my two little monkeys, Niamh and Ethan. My absolute favourite thing to do is cook Italian food for my family whilst sipping a nice glass of red. I love to eat out too and we’re spoilt for choice of lovely eateries here in Kirkby Lonsdale. I’d love to spend more time reading but unfortunately these days I only tend to manage two pages at bedtime before falling asleep!

Hot Food: Homemade pasta in brodo

Hot Book: Wuthering Heights – Emily Bronte (cliche, I know)

Hot Film: Lost in Translation

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