How blogging gets you clients

How blogging gets you clients

There’s no avoiding the fact that blogging is an essential part of getting your business noticed online, but while many have embraced the process of producing regular written content there remain those who still don’t actually see how it can help them with the one area of their business that’s most crucial, and that is actually getting them customers.

In fact, of those who do blog regularly, there are still some who do so more because someone has told them it’s important and that they’ll get left behind if they don’t rather than because they truly believe that by producing the right type of content in the right way, it WILL lead to more customer enquiries, more sales and ultimately more money.

The purpose of this post is to help you believe that, if you’re prepared to commit to it, blogging absolutely will increase leads, enquiries and sales. Will it happen overnight? No. Will there be times when you think, sod it, I’d just rather plough some money into a Facebook ad? Yes. Will there be times when you put off writing your next post and procrastinate about picking a topic to write on? Probably.

Anyone who’s ever achieved any measure of success with content marketing, has experienced these thoughts and feelings. What’s important is to TRUST in the process, KNOW that you won’t get immediate results but remain confident that as long as you follow best practices and provide value, you WILL benefit.

Pep talk over.

Let’s look at the ways regularly blogging will get you more clients.


More people will see your website 

When you add a blog post to your website, what you’re essentially doing is adding a fresh page of content to your website. Google loves websites which are continually updated and refreshed; its worst nightmare is websites that sit there with nobody caring about them and that contain out of date information and little value to anyone.

So if Google sees your website is loved and frequently updated, it will reward you by moving your website further up the rankings (i.e. your website will be likely to appear at the top of the results pages rather than at the bottom where you’ll be unlikely to be noticed).

The more people who notice your website listing among the rest, the more likely it is that they’ll visit your website, read all about you and how you can help them, and ultimately become a client.

In turn, the more content our website contains, the more chance it has of appearing in people’s search results when they search for particular words, phrases or ask particular questions.

For example, if you’re a holiday cottage company with dog-friendly cottages you may produce blogs with the theme of taking your dog on holiday with you, how to prepare them for the trip and travelling, etc. Once people come across your content which provides real value relating to the topic they’re interested in, they may well choose to explore your website once they have read the blog and may even decide to book a holiday in one of your cottages!

The more quality blogs you produce which anticipate the needs of your potential clients and customers, the more likely they are to come across your blogs in search and be led to want to find out more about your products or service.


You become the go-to person or company 

When we write quality content that directly relates to the needs of our target market and is relevant to the industry we’re in, over time we have the opportunity to establish ourselves as an expert within our field.

When we approach a company to provide us with a service, we like to feel confident that we’re in safe hands and that the people who deliver that service really know their stuff.

Blogs are a great way to show just how much you do understand your industry and the people who come into contact with it as a result of the need or want they are experiencing.

Nowadays, most of our research is carried out online before we even pick up the phone to get quotes or ask questions about a company. If you’re seen to be addressing the problems and questions of those who may one day require what it is you offer, you’ll become the go-to person once that need arises.

The reach that blogging provides gives you an opportunity to establish yourself as an expert in your field, not just at a local level where people may already know you for what you do, but at a national level. Becoming prolific online for a particular theme or topic could mean that you’re the go-to for other people too, perhaps a journalist who’s looking for comment on the subject you cover, or someone who needs a speaker on the topic you’re known for.

The more you’re ‘known’ the more clients will be drawn to you.


They will choose you over your competitors

There are still, and will always be, those businesses who, for whatever reason, choose to ignore the power that blogging for business holds. This gives YOU an incredible opportunity.

If you’re comparing two or more companies which both offer similar types of services or products, say for example you’re comparing pet sitters, which company are you going to choose… the one with no blog or the one who for the last two years has consistently written on different topics such as, how to calm an anxious dog, options for temporary accommodation for your pet and tips for dog owners?

Exploit the opportunity you have to differentiate from the competition and give people a reason to become your client, not one of your competitors’, by demonstrating your authority and knowledge on the subject that matters to them.


They want to work with you

If you’re writing blog posts about exactly the types of things your target audience want to read about, if you can engage with them by speaking to their needs and wants almost as if you knew them, that’s when people don’t just read your blog because someone shared it on social media and it caught their eye, but because they jumped on it the minute you published it.

This kind of loyalty can be built up over time and with consistency so that, for your loyal followers who have come to rely on your blog post providing them with information or entertainment, you are the only company that matters for them who offers what it is your offer.

Not only will people become loyal to you because they see how informed and generous you are with your thoughts, information and ideas, but because they LIKE YOU. Blogs are informal, they provide an opportunity for you to get your personality across as you find your tone of voice by frequently blogging. This gives people an insight into your personality, either yours personally or that of your brand, and to ultimately come to like and trust you so that they WANT to work with you above everyone else.

The more loyal an audience you can build through blogging, the more clients you will have.

So you see, blogging is about increasing your visibility and building relationships. That’s harder and harder to do in an age where consumers communicate with brands so predominantly online. Don’t make that connection even harder to make… get blogging.

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