Episode 38 – How to get amazing podcast guests with Teresa Heath-Wareing

Episode 38 – How to get amazing podcast guests with Teresa Heath-Wareing

About Teresa

Teresa Heath Wareing is one of the UK’s leading experts on social media marketing, working with people to address their social media challenges and give them ideas to help them improve their online presence.

Her blogs have been featured on various well known social media websites and she’s the author of a book entitled ‘Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses’

As well as working for international brands she’s an international speaker… and in her spare time she likes to drink tea.. and by tea she means gin.

Teresa’s One Hot Thing…

  • Getting AMAZING podcast guests on your show (and Teresa really does this!!!)

Connect with Teresa

Teresa has some extremely high-calibre podcast guests on her show and in this episode, she tells us exactly how you can use the strategies she’s used to get amazing guests for your podcast too.

Identifying potential guests

When Teresa started her podcast, she knew she wanted to aim high immediately and get some great guests from the get go. She decided to target some particular people who she’d already met a couple of times at events.

She followed them everywhere on social media and started to proactively interact with their posts and respond to their content.

“I was trying to find a way in which I could have a conversation. So for instance, Amy put up a post once about her step-son. Her step-son and my step-son are the same age, so it was really easy for me to respond and have a really natural conversation about my experience.”

At one of the last conferences Teresa attended, Pat Flynn was asked by someone in the audience about how to get amazing guests on your podcast and he said, “Take them for a coffee.” She thought that was a great idea because influential people are very busy at the conferences so it’s often not the ideal time to make the invitation.

Flying 5,500 miles to take Pat Flynn and Amy Porterfield for coffee

“This might sound a little bit insane but I promise you it has paid dividends,” says Teresa.

She contacted Pat Flynn via Instagram – she uses Instagram a lot to contact influencers because they tend to manage their own account – and sent him a video.

She said, “Hey Pat! At the last event I saw you at, you said the best way to build your connections with someone is to take them for a coffee. I’d like to fly five and half thousand miles to come and take you for a coffee. Will you meet me?” She told him the dates she intended to fly out and he immediately replied and said he’d love to!

The next person on Teresa’s list was Amy Porterfield. Amy and Teresa have the same coach, so again, there was a bit of a connection there.

“I recorded a video for Amy telling her I was going to the States and that I wanted  to take her for coffee. She got back to me and said she was really busy that week but would see what she could do. To cut a long story short, I went back to the States and Amy was still trying to confirm a date and a time with Amy. I met Pat on a Wednesday and Amy on a Thursday and both of them told me they had an hour.”

“The intention was never to go out there and ask them on the podcast, it was to go out there and build a relationship and to get to know them, have a conversation with them. Then, if all was good and well, when I came back to the UK, the plan was to invite them on the podcast”

In the end, they both gave Teresa over almost two hours each. She went to Pat’s studio where he showed her around and they talked about the podcast. At that point Teresa explained that she hadn’t interviewed anybody yet, partly because of the fear of asking people and them saying no. Pat said, “Well if I’m on your list, I’d love to come on.”

Amy, almost verbatim, said exactly the same thing.

“The fact that both of them offered and I didn’t even have to ask was amazing”

Teresa believes it was largely because she had made a big  effort to go after them.

Of course, not everyone should fly to America just to take someone out for coffee but the reason this tactic was so effective was because Teresa understood that she didn’t think she could just send a DM to Amy and she would agree straight away, before having built a connection with her.

Look at who previous guests are connected to

Just having Amy and Pat on the podcast opened up so many doors for Teresa.

“Once you’ve got that first great guest, look at who that person is connected to.”

For Teresa, she knew that Rick Mulready goes on Amy’s podcast and that they are really good friends, and she knew that Jasmine Starr was really good friends with Amy so they were the next people Teresa decided to approach. She often finds that guests will offer to recommend other podcast guests too.

Mention previous guests

In every introduction Teresa made after having Pat and Amy on the show, she always told other people she was approaching to invite on the podcast that they’d be in great company  – she was able to list Pat Flynn, Amy Porterfield, Rick Mulready, Andrew and Pete as previous guests.

The credibility that that gave her as a podcaster was phenomenal.

Teresa sends all her invites using a video DM because it gives it such a personal touch. She can also give a lot more information really quickly than she’d be able to  in an email.

Mostly, she sends the videos on Instagram but, for some of the bigger potential guests, or those who aren’t on Instagram, she sends an email.

Making the most of every guest interview

Teresa doesn’t think for a minute she’d ever run out of amazing guests to invite on her podcast but she’d also have previous guests on again to talk about different topics.

She also links back to earlier episodes and continues to promote old episodes on social media so that people realise she’s had the likes of Pat and Amy as guests.

How to deal with rejection

Teresa has had to deal with rejection in the past when approaching people about guesting on her podcast.

There were some people she reached out to who didn’t reply, and some that did reply with a yes but then when she followed up with an email to get them booked in, they never booked in subsequently. There are also people who I she’s met in person and asked on the show and they’ve said yes at the time, but have later asked about downloads figures for the show and subsequently said no.

As she says, “I do fear rejection. I hate being told no. It’s not something I deal with very well however, I think at this point I haven’t lost anything so contacting them and them saying no has still achieved more than if I didn’t ask them in the first place. At least this way they know who I am.”

Consider the timing

Often, when people are selling or promoting something they’re be more likely to guest on podcasts.

“If you’ve contacted someone who’s said no in the past, the next time they come round to be selling or promoting something, try again or they might reconsider.”



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