Episode 43 – Increase productivity with these repurposing & outsourcing hacks

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Chris helps entrepreneurs become the go-to leaders in their industries; building profitable, sustainable business around them and those they want to serve.

He’s a highly sought after international keynote speaker, a trusted business mentor, blogger and podcaster, and the author of the bestselling ‘Virtual Freedom’ (which has 1,000+ 5-star reviews on Amazon) and more recently, ‘Rise of the Youpreneur: The Definitive Guide to Becoming the Go-To Leader in Your Industry and Building a Future-Proof Business’.

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  • Increase productivity with these repurposing & outsourcing hacks

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Chris is a huge advocate of repurposing content – doing it yourself, using a team, being efficient. Not spinning your wheels just for the sheer fun and games of it, but creating content that you know for a fact is exactly what people want from you, because that’s the big one billion dollar question right there – what people want and how can you give it to them?

When you start out, regardless of what niche or industry you’re in, you start by creating content that you think people are going to be interested in hearing, or seeing, or reading from you.

But as time goes by, that community grows, the barriers – hopefully if you’re doing a good job, and are consistent – will drop down and people will actually start opening up to you in regards to what they really need help with.

Once you get that information you can genuinely start serving up what you know for a fact they need and they want to see, hear, and read from you.

And that’s the difference. That’s the only difference between people that get engaged with content marketing and are successful with it, and those that don’t and are not. And it’s really that simple.

If you do this properly and consistently your audience will be the ones that ultimately dictate what your business becomes in the future.

Listening to your audience when you have a team

Chris has several people that work for him, but in terms of Youpreneur and the Chris Ducker brand, there’s a smaller team of about eight to ten people and a couple of virtual assistants. And all they do for Chris is look at what people are talking about online in regards to his industries and niches.

What are the things that they’re sharing? How are they sharing it? Where are they sharing it? What have they commented on? What podcast episodes hit the nail perfectly on the head and got downloaded and shared three or four more times compared to other episodes?

“The numbers never lie, even more so now today than ever before. I have one virtual assistant for example that does nothing for me other than to manage and to watch over the analytics and the numbers attached to my social media accounts. If I don’t pay attention to her when she reports back to me at the end of every month in terms of what people are saying, then more fool me.” oring for a lot of the time.

Outsourcing hacks

Firstly, do what you can and don’t overstretch yourself, because burnout in that situation is inevitable. You can’t please all the people all the time, and you can’t do all the work on all the platforms all the time either. So, if you’re more of a talker than a typer, start a podcast to serve your audience.

If you don’t have any problems at all being in front of a camera, maybe do a weekly YouTube show. Get that transcribed by a freelancer, or maybe a virtual assistant that you can hire just to do a very small amount of work as and when you do it. The bottom line is don’t spin your wheels trying to do all the things everywhere.And that’s one of the reasons why people do delegate and they do grow their teams, is so that they can have that further reach.

But if it’s just you, and you’re managing your client work as well as obviously the marketing and everything else that you’re doing, just do one thing really, really, really well. Better than all the other people that are in the similar situation to you. Just do that one thing extremely well, better than anyone else so that ultimately you stand out.

Repurposing hacks

The medium of choice when creating that content initially should nine times out of ten be video.

You could just do for example a 15 minute video with your top 10 tips on X, Y, Z, regardless of whatever it is that you’re recording. That’s you’re industry. “Here’s my top 10 tips on becoming the best professional dog walker in New York City,” for example. So, those 10 top tips at 15 minutes in a video, can then go obviously on YouTube immediately. From there you can rip the audio out and turn that into a podcast, which then goes up on iTunes and Spotify and iHeart and everywhere else.

Now, you’ve got a secondary audience, because not everybody that’s going to view a video on YouTube is going to download a podcast episode and listen to it and visa versa. But from the podcast you can then go ahead and get that transcribed into a blog post. Maybe you want to take those top 10 tips and turn them into an opt-in magnet, or an ebook of some variety to help grow your email list.

Maybe you can take two or three of the top tips that you’ve got, break them down into video mode, into shorter one or two minute videos, and share them on social media. So, now all of a sudden you’ve got one piece of content that has been able to give you legs across a number of different platforms without having to reinvent the wheel over and over and over again. And that’s the power of repurposing right there.

And if you’re not happy going on video, that doesn’t mean that you can’t create a video with a slide deck and talk over it, and have that as a format as well. Some people don’t want to be in front of the camera, and that’s fine, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get involved with video. You’ve just got to get creative with it.

Don’t be afraid of oversharing

“I don’t think it’s possible to overshare your content. I mean and why wouldn’t you share it? You worked your butt off to create the piece of content in the first place. If you don’t share it, at least initially, who is going to?”

If you’re serving the right type of people with the right kind of mindset for what you’re all about, you won’t upset people. Obviously if it’s the exact same post that’s going up on Instagram every single day Monday through to Friday then obviously that might rub a few people up the wrong way. Now you’re biting into their eyeballs as they flick through that newsfeed, right?

But I think that if one day you share the art work, the image for that particular episode, say on a Monday. On a Wednesday if you’re showing you sitting at your microphone recording that episode. Maybe a completely different clip, but still the same episode. On Friday you might show a graphic with one of the cool little audio type things that are popping up and down as you talk. All from the same episode, three different pieces of content, they all look quite different, but they’re all promoting one particular episode of your show. There’s no reason why you can’t do it.

And it works, because all we need to do to get clarification on that fact is look at Hollywood. What do Hollywood do? What do the big production companies now do when they’ve got a new movie that’s coming out? There’ll be a 30 second teaser five months, six months before the film. Three months before they’ll release their 90 second short trailer. Then a month before, cinemas all around the world will be shown a two and a half minute full length trailer to help sell the movie before it actually turns up.

If Hollywood’s doing it, then there’s no reason why you can’t.

What to outsource

I think that there is absolutely no reason why you cannot outsource client work. There are agencies that I know for a fact do it every single minute of the day, and they’re making millions of dollars around the world working with customers in every major market and continent out there.

When it comes to your own marketing and your own work, if you’re not outsourcing, more fool you quite frankly. One question I get asked nine times out of ten when it comes to outsourcing, more than anything else is, “When’s the right time to outsource.” And I say the right time to start outsourcing was today. The second best time to outsource was yesterday. And you can see where I’m going with this, right? More to the detriment to your business and entrepreneurial growth if you do not delegate you will not grow. It’s that simple. If you do not have hand off tasks, projects, and work to be able to help further your revenue streams, and ultimately your profit and your P&L statements to be in the black, not the red, more fool you.

The term outsourcing isn’t even being used very often anymore at all. It’s just delegation. It doesn’t matter whether someone’s in the next town, or in the next house, or on the other side of the world. You’re just delegating tasks to people that are competent enough to be able to do it. Because here’s what the remote industry has done for small business owners more than any other industry on the planet, and that is it has allowed us to hire the right person for the right role regardless of where they are geographically.

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