Episode 53 – Create binge-worthy video series to turn random YouTube viewers into raving fans

Episode 53 – Create binge-worthy video series to turn random YouTube viewers into raving fans

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Meredith Marsh is the creator of the Video Pursuit Society where smart creative people are growing their audience and profit using YouTube and social video content. As a total introvert with millions of views on YouTube, Meredith helps people show up online with organic, binge-worthy video content so they can create income and impact online.

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  • Create binge-worthy video series to turn random YouTube viewers into raving fans

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My one hot thing is turning random Youtube viewers into raving fans.

Use the ‘search & rescue’ method to create a ‘save me’ series on Youtube that will turn random YouTube viewers into fans, so you can grow your YouTube channel to gain your first 1000 subscribers really quickly.

How to build a YouTube channel

This Youtube method can work for people with an established channel. But it’s also really great for people who are literally starting out with their channel and wanting to gain some traction.

If you go onto YouTube and take a look at some of the more successful channels they create videos such as how-to videos and tutorials. And those are the types of videos that I think are perfect to start out with. They are great for content marketing, because you are showing up and you’re answering the questions that people are searching for. If you go and look at big, successful channels this is the type of content that they are creating.

You’ll notice a bit of a pattern on the big YouTube channels. For example, I recently searched how to install drywall. I found the RenoVision channel on YouTube. They had multiple vidoes on how to install drywall. I watched six videos in a row, as the channel laid out the tools you needed and a step-by-step process on how to do the installation.They could have made one, one hour video, but I probably wouldn’t have watched it. Instead they split it up and made a series of binge-worthy separate videos.

This strategy is really common with successful channels. Yet, when people start a channel or are trying to jumpstart a stagnant channel they bounce all over the place between different topics. But what I teach my clients and students is to create what I call a ‘Save Me’ series using the ‘search and rescue’ method.


What is a ‘Save Me’ series?

I teach my clients to use what I call the ‘Save me’ series which is based on the ‘search and rescue’ method. This helps you show up as a search result for you ideal audience. You are rescuing them from whatever it is that they searched for. They have a pain, or a problem, or a question and you are the one showing up in the search results with the answer to that. How you show up in the search results is by using a ‘save me’ series, where you create a series with around five videos to start, that are very tightly related. This will lead people from a starting point onto the next natural video to help them find the solution to their problem.

You plan all the videos out together. Do all the keyword research, scripting and recording at one time. This way you’ll know what you are saying in each of them and you can refer back to previous videos. And then you can link to it in your end card and description. At the end of each video you can lead them to the next relevant video, keeping the viewer engaged and on your channel.


YouTube love binge-worthy content

The concept behind the ‘save me’ series is that YouTube loves binge-worthy content. I like to think of it as the golden ticket for the algorithm, as it helps it recognise that you are creating decent content that people want to watch. In a way, you are doing part of YouTubes job for it because you’ve already selected the next video that would make sense to watch. This keeps the viewer on the channel for longer. They are watching more of your videos.

So this will help the algorithm recognise your videos as being quality videos that they should recommend to more people. Plus it also helps the viewer get more aligned with who you are and get to know you better. You establish that know, like and trust factor so it’s a win-win for everybody.


How to create binge-worthy content

Even if you feel that you aren’t able to create a series of videos in your niche you can still utilise the ‘save me’ series. You can become an expert on whatever product or software people in your niche, or your ideal customers are using. For example you can go through the user manual and create an entire series as this is the type of thing people are searching for. Most people these days aren’t referencing a paper manual, they are going on YouTube to find the answers. And if you are the one showing up, teaching and answering the questions then you become the expert and the authority in the field.


Use YouTube Analytics to create binge-worthy content

This method is a great thing for people starting out their content journey. But what if you already have a YouTube channel. Can this be used for people who are feeling a little bit stuck with their channel?

Yes! In fact, it’s a really great idea to dig into your YouTube analytics, which just like Google Analytics, can give you some really insightful information into your channel. So you can see what is already working. For example, look at the videos with the most views and you can see what search terms people have typed in to find that video.

Say, you have a video on how to launch a podcast and it does really well. If you go into you analytics and you see people are ending up on your video as a result of searching for ‘how to create a podcast’, ‘how to publish a podcast’ and ‘how to start a podcast’. You’ll realise that the search terms are all pretty similar. You may be able to give the same information within the videos, the same basic gist, but if you can create additional videos that target those search terms specifically them you are adding fuel to the fire and increasing the likelihood that your channel is found.

So, start with what is already working on you channel. Especially if you have a channel, but you feel like it’s a little stale and it’s not really working. Check what is working in the analytics and do more of that. Maybe even create a break-out series from these topics and see how you can break them down further rather than randomly picking a topic out of your head.


How should you name your ‘save me’ series?

When it comes to the titles of your series, it can be tempting to give them all the same name and just add part 1, part 2 and so on. But you should really try to give them all different titles. If you have enough room, you can use the keywords in your title then add the series name at the end.

For example, I started my channel doing a lot of GoPro camera tutorials and how to use a GoPro. So I did a series called 30 days of GoPro, where I went through the user manual for the GoPro Hero 5 Black. I created 30 videos in a row.  I would create the video title based on the problem I was solving eg. ‘How to connect your Iphone to your GoPro’. That would be the video title. Then I had 30 days of GoPro as the title of the series, with the number of the series after that.

So if you have room you can use the video title and the series title. But the video title should be informed by your keyword research. You can then put part 1 or part 3, or whatever it is after so that people know it is part of a series. That way, even if they don’t hear you say it’s part of a series, they still have a clue that there is more like this on your channel.

So the save me series can really help build an audience. Whether you are just starting out. Or if you want to kick-start a stagnant channel. A binge-worthy series can solve your ideal customers problems, keep them engaged for longer and help the YouTube algorithm identify your channel as one to watch.

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