Episode 55 – How to use DMs to convert your audience into customers

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Bella is a very dynamic personality behind the one-woman coaching company Jump Consulting. Since 2002, Bella has been a trailblazer in her industry, consulting with multimillion dollar companies all the way to hundreds of small businesses. She’s an author, long-time podcast host, blogger, and she’s been featured on NBC, CBS, FOX, NPR, Entrepreneur Magazine, and Huffington Post. Bella lives out her passion to inspire, motivate, and challenge business owners through her speaking, coaching, and consulting.

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  • How to use the ‘hey girl’ DM to close a sale

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My one hot thing is how to make a sale and get clients into your programme. I’m going to give you a really cool tip that has worked. In fact, yesterday it made me almost $10,000.

How to use the ‘hey girl’ DM to make sales

As business owners we have a problem. We are trying to get clients into our programme and we are planning content as well using email funnels, Facebook ads, Facebook Live and maybe an Instagram Live.  But what a lot of people lack, for many different reasons is personalisation. And it’s a slippery slope, because as a coach, consultant or a small business or agency owner we don’t want to have to personalise everything. But that is sometimes what it takes.

The solution to this is what I like to call the ‘hey girl’ DM. And I call it the hey girl because a lot of my constituents are women. It’s just a simple DM. And it says something like: ‘hey girl, what’s going on?’ And you just leave it out there.

Or maybe someone joins your free Facebook group and you send a message saying: ‘hey girl, thanks for joining this jump start group’.

It allows you to open up that conversation. And sometimes it takes a while, because people might get it and instantly ignore you. Whereas some people will get it and engage with you. Some people will take a day of two. But it’s a numbers game, so you have to keep doing it.

You need to live in the DMs.

How can you get started with personalised messages?

This is all about personalising messages to get people over the line and close the sale. When you are speaking to people like one of the masses, everyone thinks it doesn’t apply to them. It’s easy to ignore. But it’s a lot tougher to ignore when someone takes the time to directly message you. And it’s not even via email, it’s directly into your inbox via messenger in Facebook, Instagram or maybe even WhatsApp. A personalised message makes people stop in their tracks. And it makes them feel really good, because you are reaching out to them. It gives them a shot of dopamine because you are popping up in the DMs. Right now, I’m sitting recording with you and a message popped up on my screen, I won’t answer right now because I’m with you, but in the back of my head a little twinge is saying, this person is reaching out to me. So it makes you stop and think for a second.

Directly messaging someone let them know that you care. It’s also is very genuine and it goes in line with exactly what Facebook is saying works. Facebook is talking a lot about taking conversations and relationships private right now. It’s why Facebook groups are exploding. And why chatbots and messengers are exploding. But we still have to have that personal touch.

I really want to encourage the listeners to get a little bit cheeky or a little bit out there. Outside their comfort zone. I challenge you. Go ahead and press the microphone and record a message. A voice message to someone. Or go ahead and click that photo button and hold it down and record a 10 second video of your face.

How I made $10,000 worth of sales in one day

I’m going to give you an example of a time this worked. Yesterday was cyber Monday (at the time of recording) and I was using many different tactics, but not getting much traction. Until, we deployed my chatbot. The chatbot basically sent out a message saying: ‘hey did you know that we’re having this cyber Monday deal. Do you want to know more or are you not interested?’

Some people said they weren’t interested and that was fine. But for anyone that said they were interested, I jumped on a quick video to tell them more about the sale and see if they had any more questions. I was in total mum mode, with my hair on top of my head, no make-up and a ratty t-shirt. But all of that worked to my advantage because it was authentic. And all the videos were personalised, and I did that for probably about 20 people or so. And if I couldn’t do video I did a voice note.

When you get that, especially from an owner of a company or a public figure you pay attention a whole lot more other than if it’s just a text. And this resulted in sales of around $10,000, with each sale worth around $1,100.

So that’s my one thing that really works.

How to prime people for the sale by using personalised messages

If you know a big event is coming up you can prime the pump. So for example, knowing cyber Monday was coming up, you could start to send the ‘hey girl’ messages about 10 days ahead of time. You can ask things such as, what are you working on in your business? What’s your biggest challenge right now? Did you know that I have this really cool podcast come out? I think you would really like it. So you use these messages to warm them up a little bit so it’s not completely out of the blue and if you just make a personal goal of doing this for five or 10 people a day, it’ll take you 10 minutes. It’s not that big of a deal. A lot of people will think they don’t have the time to do this. But the key is to not get overwhelmed and just select a handful of people and work it into your daily schedule.

You have to create your own opportunities. You can’t wait for people to come to you. You have to go out there and do it. It’s just like if you were working at trade fair, would you sit behind the table and expect people to come to you? Or would get up and stand in front of the booth and say hello and interact with people? Are you going to be drawing people into your booth or are you going to be sitting behind it, twiddling your thumbs? It’s the same exact thing, virtually, and that’s what these hey girl DMs do.

Sit down and write a couple of scripts. You can use these as examples: hey, how are you doing? Hey, I was thinking about you. Hey, what’s your biggest challenge in your business? Then take it a step further and do voice notes. Then a step further and do a video. And your potential customers are going to feel really connected to you.

How do you select the people to contact through personalised messages?

Again, prime the pump and contact people who are already open to your message. If you post something on one of your social channels such as Facebook, Instagram, or if you create a poll, you will know who engaged with you. They are the ones I’m going to start hey girling in the DMs. Because I know their pain points, and I can respond directly to them. Use your social channels to draw them out from the woodwork, that’s your starting off point. But instead of just replying to them on that thread, slide into the DMs and you make it about them and their problem. They’ve already publicly said that they have an issue, and what you are doing is going to them with their solution. You are doing society a disservice if you have a solution to a problem and you are not actively offering it to them. So I want to really empower the listeners to consider that.

Just start with five minutes. You could get 10 DMs out in that time.

Which platform should you use for personalised messages?

I would suggest firstly, using the platform you feel most comfortable with, but don’t get stuck there. So, as I did yesterday, I usually focus on Facebook Messenger. But I know there’s some followers that are always engaging with me on Instagram. So what I did last night is I just did a voice note and sent it to them on Instagram and said:  ‘hey girl. I saw that you liked that post and I just wanted to make sure that you saw the cyber Monday sale. I thought about you and I wanted to make sure that you saw it. It ends tonight and here, the link is this and it’s a super amazing deal and you’ve been asking about it. So I just wanted to make sure that you specifically knew about this’.

And that was it. It’s just hey, I just wanted to really make sure that you saw this. I don’t want you to miss out. And it’s also kind of creating a little bit of FOMO, too, but with personalization. So yeah, stay where you’re comfortable, always. But don’t also be afraid to branch out.

Is directly messaging people via DM too intrusive?

Some people will be worried that sliding into DMs will make people a little cross. That it’s being a little too direct and that you are encroaching on their personal inbox. How can they deal with this?

The first thing is, don’t do it from your business account. You have to appear as a person, not a logo. But that aside if you want to live in your head about that and you’re too afraid to do it, then I need you to rethink your goals and think about why you are in business. If you’re going to be afraid that you’re going to be afraid to ask for the sale and you’re going to be afraid to put yourself out there, then you might not be successful. Because it’s not just the hey girl messages that this applies to. You have to be willing to go outside of your comfort zone. Put yourself out there. You have to do this every single day as an entrepreneur. And it might not be this, but it’s going to be something else. So I really feel like that’s more of a mindset thing and you have to hang out with people that can empower you and encourage you to do that and then something else that I do a lot when I get scared or I feel hesitation inside of me, is I think, what is the worst thing that can happen? And can you live with it?

As an entrepreneur rejection should be something that  makes you excited and motivated and tantalized by when someone says no or they reject you. Because you come back stronger and you approach it a different way or it motivates you to change it up a little bit for the next person. That’s what being an entrepreneur to me is all about.

It’s okay to be scared, but don’t let that steer your boat.

I would also challenge you to think it is fear of rejection or fear of success? Are you really scared of getting rejected or are you scared of are you gonna be able to handle the volume if they all say yes? What would that mean for your life, your business, your processes, your team, your revenue, your goals, your dreams, your savings account? Let’s flip that thinking.

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