Episode 7 – How to increase your web traffic in 2018: An exploration with John Espirian

About John

John Espirian is a British freelance technical copywriter and editorial consultant. He specialises in producing simple B2B support content that helps business owners gain and retain customers.

John has seen his website traffic nearly double in the last year due to, amongst other things, regularly blogging, engaging in online communities and guesting on podcasts.

I chat to John about…

  • The power of helpful content
  • How consistent and regular blogging has led to a huge increase in web traffic to John’s website
  • The long term results of content marketing
  • How to get the look and layouts of your blog posts right
  • The benefits of joining online marketing communities
  • Improving your engagement on LinkedIn
  • How to get started with Google analytics
  • Building an engaged email list

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Here’s the link to John’s blog posts 7 ways to increase web traffic in 2018. Well worth a read!

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