How to find new ideas for YouTube videos

If you struggle to find new ideas for your YouTube videos, then you’re in the right place. I have four easy ways to find different topics so you will never be stuck for ideas again.

Use the Google and the YouTube search bar

A great way to find endless topic ideas is to use the Google search bar and the YouTube search bar. Both have an autocomplete function so that you can see what people are actually searching for.

So hopping onto Google, say we type in how to cook and see what comes up.

We’re given a few different suggestions:

  • how to cook a roast chicken
  • how to cook rice
  • how to cook beans

Let’s say we wanted to explore the possibility of creating a video about how to cook rice, we select that option and see what comes up, amongst other things, we get:

  • how to cook rice in a rice cooker
  • how to cook rice in a microwave
  • how to cook rice in the pot

These are all really useful suggestions for how we could narrow down our video topic and make it more specific. And this way it will be targeted to a particular need and a particular audience.

Do the same on YouTube…

Let’s take a different example and see how we can do a similar thing using the YouTube search bar.

Say we think we might want to create a video about how to add captions to your YouTube videos.

We start typing in the words ‘how to add captions to a’ and we get the following suggestions:

  • how to add captions to a Tik Tok slideshow
  • how to add captions to a video on iPhone
  • how to add captions to a Facebook video

There are loads of different ideas for videos that we could make.

Even if we decided to stick with the idea of creating a video about adding captions to videos, there’s still loads of different angles that we could take from the suggested search terms for example, how to add captions to videos on an iPhone or on an iPad.

So these are all slightly different ways that we could tackle a video all along the theme of adding captions to them.

Now do bear in mind that at this point, none of the suggestions that we’re seeing are ranked in order of popularity or we’re not showing the likelihood that that search term gives us a chance of being found in search of our video ranking for that search term.

So do check this video right here which explains all about how you can do that, how you can make sure that you’re picking the right topics, the ones that you have the best chance of ranking for.

Now let’s look at the next way that you can find topic ideas for your YouTube videos.

Use TubeBuddy’s keyword explorer

In just the same way that we entered our topic ideas into the Google and YouTube search bar, we can do the same in TubeBuddy.

Now the great thing here is that TubeBuddy will not only show you other suggestions of different topics, but it will show you your chance of ranking for that keyword as well.

So for example, how to cook rice. We get many of the same different options that we found in the Google and YouTube search bar but we also get some different ones too:

  • how to cook rice on the stove
  • how to cook rice in a pot
  • how to cook rice for fried rice

We can then go on to see what our chance of ranking is for each of these individual key words and phrases. And there’s more in this video on how you can use TubeBuddy to do this exactly step by step.

Ask your YouTube audience

Now the third way to get suggestions for different videos is to ask your audience.

Add a pinned comment to your YouTube videos asking what they would like to see, what questions that they have that they would like answering in your videos.

Make sure you keep an eye on the comments that you get on your videos over time because you’re bound to see the same kinds of questions appearing and so the likelihood is if it’s a question that’s coming up more and more, is that it’d be a good one to create a video about.

Bonus tip!

Look at similar content creators on YouTube, other people in your industry or niche, look at their videos and see what they’re creating. But DO THIS…

Up at the top right of your screen, you’ll notice that you have the option to sort their videos by most popular and you’ll see which of your competitors videos get the most views.

Take inspiration from what you see here chances are if they’re the most popular video topics for your competitors, they will be for you too.

And also here another tip is to bear in mind the upload date of the videos that you see here. If your competitors have done a video on a topic you’d like to do quite recently, it might be worth leaving it a few weeks or even a few months before you tackle it yourself.

However, if you notice it’s a few months or even a few years since your competitor created a video on a topic that you want to do, then now could be a really, really good time for you to do it. I hope you found this helpful.

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