Episode 35 – How to get more reach on your content with chatbots with Kelly Noble Mirabella

About Kelly

With more than 11 years of social media marketing experience—and more than a few wacky costumes—Kelly brings tricky social media concepts to life through her fun, clear and memorable social media training videos and presentations. Long before social media savvy was status quo, Kelly recognized how social media can take brand recognition, customer engagement and marketing efforts to a radical new level. What’s more, Kelly has spent the past two years learning to build Facebook messenger bots (aka “chatbots”), and now teaches others how to build them with simple, entertaining and, sometimes, 80s-themed tutorials.

I chat to Kelly about…

  • How to get started with chatbots
  • Her top 4 ways to use chatbots as a business
  • How chatbots can increase your reach and engagement on your content
  • The crucial chatbot/email marketing link
  • Kelly’s top tools for working with chatbots

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