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Usually when a video or a channel sees huge explosive growth, it’s down to the fact that people have arrived there because that video has been suggested to them by YouTube rather than necessarily them just finding the video through search.

So in this video, we’re gonna look at exactly what you need to do to get your videos showing up in Suggested.

Back to basics

Now before we dive in, let’s just go back to basics and clarify that there are lots of different ways that people can end up watching your videos.

If you go onto your analytics in the Creative Studio and look on the Reach tab, you can see exactly where your traffic’s coming from, you can see what percentage of your traffic is coming from people finding your videos through search, what percentage is coming from external sites such as from your social media platforms, but you can also see what percentage of your traffic comes from YouTube suggest in your videos.

So if you’re seeing a proportion of your traffic coming from browse features or suggested traffic, that means that YouTube is already recommending and suggesting your content to people, yay!

But if you don’t see it yet, here’s what you can do to make sure that you’re getting some traffic from YouTube suggesting your videos.

It helps to take a step back and look at what YouTube ultimate goal is and therefore how we can keep the algorithm happy.

YouTube makes its money from ads. It wants viewers on the platform for as long as possible so that they can see as many ads as possible and they can therefore make as much revenue as possible.

So the first obvious thing to do to get YouTube suggesting and recommending your content is to increase that all important watch time on your channel.

Increase watch time on your channel

If YouTube sees that people are watching a good chunk of your videos, it’ll make an assumption that people are enjoying it and that if they suggest more of your content to that same person, they’ll enjoy that too and also watch a good amount of those videos.

Now a lot of people get caught up with views on their videos and their channel and believe it’s all about getting those view numbers up and getting huge numbers of views on videos, but it isn’t necessarily, your video could have just 50 views, but even if 25 of those people so 50% stay around for the full length of the video, that’s 50% is a really good number for YouTube and it fits its criteria that people are engaging with and enjoying your content.

And once the video has been published for a couple of hours, YouTube takes a look at the stats and particularly at audience retention, watch time and engagement.

Now if those figures are good at the end of the two hours, YouTube will then suggest your video to more people because they see that people are obviously enjoying it. Now in your analytics, you may notice this screen.

Impressions vs clicks vs views

Now another factor that’s important for the YouTube algorithm is the number of impressions your videos had versus the number of clicks versus the views.

So in other words, how many people was that video recommended to and out of those people how many click through to watch the video? And of those that click through to watch, how long did they watch the video for?

If half the people that have been recommended that video watch half of the content, that 50% click through rate and retention rate will suggest to YouTube that your content is being enjoyed and engaged with so the likelihood is that we’ll push it out to more people.

On the other hand, if those 50% of people only watch 30 seconds of your video, YouTube may not be so inclined to suggest it to more people. So remember it’s not necessarily about viewer numbers, it’s about that all important watch time, the retention rate and how long people stick around.

It’s also whether they’re engaging with your video, are they liking, are they commenting, are they subscribing. These are all important factors in giving YouTube clues as to whether your content is high quality and whether people are enjoying it and therefore should it show it to more people.

Help YouTube understand what your videos are about

It’s also a really good idea to help you to work out what your is about so it knows better who to serve your content to in suggested.

And that’s why it’s a really good idea to optimize your videos to choose a keyword or phrase that any particular video is centered around, that’s relevant to your video and that’s used to optimize all the different parts of your videos such as your title, your description, and your tags.

Now catch this playlist right here which takes you through everything that you need to know to optimize your videos using TubeBuddy.

Now of course TubeBuddy sponsors these videos, but I would not be recommending this amazing tool if I genuinely didn’t rely on it myself on a daily basis, which I do.

TubeBuddy has amazing features such as the keyword research tool, the tag research tool to help you work out which key words and phrases are gonna give your content the best chance of ranking and search.

Now there’s a link here to receive a three month free trial of TubeBuddy unlock all of these amazing features and allow you to experiment with all that’s available to help you give your videos a better chance of being found in search, and also suggested by YouTube too.

For example, sometimes you’ll notice some YouTube that you’ve typed in a particular search query such as how to make homemade pasta.

Now next time you go onto YouTube, you might notice lots of different videos popping up all about how to make homemade pasta from different creators or slightly different titles and topics but around that theme of making homemade pasta.

That’s because YouTube knows that you’re trying to find an answer to a particular question and it wants to serve you the content that is going to help give you the answer to that question.

So in your videos, if you’re answering a question, that’s why it’s so helpful to let YouTube know what that video is about so that it can use your video to help answer people’s questions.

So to sum up, it’s about focusing on increasing the watch time on your channel, remembering that YouTube wants to maximize the time of any users viewing session.

And if you can do that, YouTube is far more likely to push your videos out to more people, and also to make sure that you’re optimizing your videos so that YouTube knows who it should suggest your videos to.

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