How do people get paid for being on YouTube?

So how do people get paid for being on YouTube? I spend my life immersed in the world of YouTube and I work for YouTubers on a daily basis, who are making a good living from their YouTube channel.

But I know that when I tell my friends or family, what I do for a living and about YouTubers that earn a living from YouTube, they’re completely baffled. Now, if you’re baffled too, you’re gonna want to watch this video, or maybe you’ve got your own YouTube channel and you want to find out how you can finally monetise that channel.

So let’s have a look.

Google AdSense

With Google AdSense, YouTubers get a share of the money that advertisers pay to advertise on videos, that money is shared between YouTube and the video creator.

On videos, you’ll see a yellow progress bar and sometimes the skip ad option, well basically, outside advertisers bid on these and pay more for longer or un-skippable ads and less for things like banner ads.

Now with Google AdSense, you have to have at least 4,000 hours of watch time on your channel in the last 12 months and a minimum of 1,000 subscribers.

There’s also a few other things, for example, you have to certify that your channel won’t contain any offensive or political content.

But basically, once you get to the point where you can use Google AdSense, it can be a really good source of income for your YouTube channel.

Brand deals

Now, the next way that a lot of YouTubers make money is from brand deals.

Brands will pay certain YouTubers to promote their products. Now, it can be quite literal in terms of product placement in videos, it can be YouTubers doing sponsored videos specifically about certain products or services and maybe doing a review video about them.

Sometimes brands will pay per video or they will reward the YouTube creator using an affiliate link. So basically, as a YouTube creator, you get your own bespoke URL.

If people have watched your video, click on your URL and go forward and buy that product or service that you’ve mentioned or been talking about in your video, you will then receive a percentage of the sale.

Affiliate revenue may only be a tiny percentage of each small sale but it does add up over time and there’s loads of companies out there that offer an affiliate scheme. Loads of people use Amazon now, for example, so they’ll mention certain products in the videos, drop an Amazon affiliate link in the description below their video and they can then make a percentage of any sales.

Third party sites

Another way that’s become more popular for YouTubers to make money is via third-party sites. There’s certain third party sites, like Patreon for example, that allow YouTubers to make money from their channel, and basically, it allows viewers to contribute directly to their favorite shows.

They can effectively make a donation via the Patreon website and this is usually in exchange for things such as live hangouts, early access or exclusive content.

Sell your own merchandise

Once you’ve reached 10,000 subscribers, you can also sell your own merchandise or merch, as my daughter calls it. So this could be anything from clothing lines to stickers or beauty products, anything really.

Open up more opportunities off YouTube

Now next up, one thing that YouTube really does do for creators once they’ve built up a certain number of subscribers and views and a level of authority, is that it provides them with a platform and it opens doors, gives them opportunities to do other things, which they then get paid to do.

This can be anything from hosting events, it could be paid speaking gigs, getting to talk at conventions like VidCon. And just look at Joe Sugg, he got to go on “Strictly”. When do you think I’ll get to go on “Strictly”? I mean, seriously, I think I’d be really good.

YouTube drive business

This is my personal favorite, YouTube has the power to drive business.

So if a YouTuber has a service based business, for example like I do, then as your audience grows, as you build that relationship with your audience, they come to trust you, see you as an expert, the chances of them wanting to use you for whatever it is that you offer, increases significantly.

You also become the go-to person in your industry for whatever product or service it is that you offer. Word of mouth referrals increase as people get to know you and your content on YouTube.

Video is all about people getting to know you and getting a sense of who you are, so that hopefully they want to work with you.

So even if you’re not making money from any of the other income streams that we’ve talked about on YouTube, this one alone can be enough, if YouTube is actually generating clients and customers for your business then that’s amazing. S

o there we have it. There’s so many different ways, making money from ads on YouTube, from brand deals, affiliate marketing, lead generation for your business, not to mention, all of the other opportunities that the world of YouTube can open up for you.

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