How often to upload YouTube videos

One of the most common questions that I get asked is, “How often should I upload video to my YouTube channel?” So I’m gonna address that question and answer it right here in this video 👇

How well are your current videos performing?

The first thing to consider when it comes to deciding how often you should be uploading video to your YouTube channel is how well your current videos are performing.

It’s really important that you get things right with what you’re already doing before you start increasing the frequency.

One of the main metrics to look at is the watch time of your videos. This metric is so helpful when it comes to working out how well our videos are going down with your audience.

If you’re not currently getting great watch time, then you’re far better off spending some time working on your current video structure and your scripts to try and get better watch time before you start increasing the frequency of future videos. If you want to get more tips on how to increase the watch time of your individual videos, then head to this video for more on that.

But if your videos are already performing well, then here’s some other things to consider.

Experiment with frequency

Why not set aside a period of six weeks, for example, and try uploading more frequently for that period of time? See what happens, keep an eye on your metrics, on your analytics, and see how well those videos are performing.

If you don’t notice much change in the watch time on your channel and change in engagement and subscriber numbers, then it might be an indicator that, actually, it’s worth just sticking to what you’re doing.

But you might see that there’s a drastic change. You might see that your watch time is really going up, that people are really getting engaged on your channel, subscriber numbers are growing, in which case, it’ll prove that it’s worthwhile.

How much time does your audience have?

The other thing to consider is how much time does your audience have? This will depend a lot on the industry that you’re in…  here’s an example.

If you’re producing videos that are generally for a teenage audience, then it might be that your audience has more time to consume your videos. They may have six weeks off over the summer, they may have more free time than adults who are running around crazy a lot of the time! They may have more time to watch videos and, therefore, the argument might be that you can then produce more video because they have the time to watch them.

Whereas, for some of us, our viewers are really busy people. They maybe have one day a week where they set aside some time to catch up on their favorite YouTube channels, and it might be that they just wouldn’t have time anyway to watch more of your content who decided to put it out then more frequently.

So think about your audience, who they are, and how much time they have.

How much time do YOU have?

This is really important . How much capacity do you have for producing more video?

Obviously, it’s fantastic if your videos are already doing well. If you’ve proved that there is a demand for extra video content. But can you physically keep up with recording more video? If it’s going to lead to a lot of stress for you and potentially burnout then there’s definitely a strong argument that it’s just not worth it.

But if you think you can do it, then that’s absolutely fantastic!

Allow time to promote your videos 

Are you leaving yourself enough time to do the videos that you’re publishing justice?

You need to allow some time after you’ve published each video to do it justice in terms of repurposing it and promoting it. So if you do decide to increase the frequency, then certainly try and factor in some time in between videos going out so that you have time to promote them and shout about them on social media to drive traffic to them.

Quality over quantity

Another consideration is can you maintain the level of quality if you increase the quantity?

My argument is it’s always better to have quality over quantity. And the last thing you want to do is increase the frequency but for the quality, and what your audience comes to expect from you, to drop.

The more video you create, the better you’ll get… quicker!

This is a really strong argument for increasing the frequency of your videos, and that’s the more you do, the better you will get quicker.

When you start recording video, it takes time to build up the confidence on camera, to work out the best ways to script (or not script) your videos, to position yourself in front of the camera, etc.

All these kinds of things are the kind of things that you work through and work out as you’re actually recording video. So the more video you record, the more faster you’ll get, to the point at which you need to be and the point at which you can be.

The definitive answer!

So although there are all those things to take into account, all of these considerations, I still want to give you an answer of how often you should upload video to YouTube, so here it is!

Certainly, don’t upload any less than once a week. Once every two weeks or once a month just isn’t enough to keep the momentum going and to keep your audience engaged. So let once a week be the minimum. If you can manage to publish twice a week, then that’s even better. Anymore than that probably isn’t necessary, or that relevant or advisable for a lot of channels.

If you have a vlog-style channel though, that could be an exception. Your audience might want to see content from you on a daily basis. But for most of us out there, I would say aim for two a week if you can.

If you think that’s pushing it, go for the minimum of publishing once a week.

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