How to batch record YouTube videos

Batch recording videos is great for you and your channel for so many reasons. It means you’ll stay consistent. You’ll have a month’s worth of video content created at the start of the month so that, regardless of what life throws at you, you’re guaranteed to get at least one video out every single week, because you have them all there ready to go!

Batch recording will also save you tons of time. So much time is spent setting up your equipment, getting your set right, getting yourself looking right. If you can use the same setup for multiple videos, you’re only going to have to go through all of this once rather than for every single individual video that you record.

It also means that you can plan your social posts and promotions in advance. So if you know what your video content is going to be for the coming weeks, it means that you can tie them in with your social posts and your promotions. It can influence which lead magnets you create or promote. And you might even have themes for each week of social media posts. So all of your content across all of your platforms is aligned and it all compliments each other.

This helps you. And it also helps your teams so much if they’re able to work a few weeks in advance rather than being reactive.

So how do you batch record YouTube videos?

Well, I add all of my ideas first onto a spreadsheet, and I add to it as ideas come to me and I’ll pick three to five. Sometimes there’s just a topic that I really, really want to talk about. Sometimes it makes sense to go to certain topics because they’re timely for example.

Now comes the preparation and the preparation of groundwork is what’s going to make your batch recording an absolute breeze.

First of all, I’ll jump into TubeBuddy to find out the best keyword or phrase to use for each video and to check that there’s enough demand and not too much competition for my topic and keyword phrase, I’ve got a whole playlist on my YouTube channel step by step guides included on how to do all this.

But once I’ve got my keywords chosen, I can then script my videos. This is probably the most time consuming part of the whole process. But I know that I put the time in getting this part right means that when I come to record, I’ll feel confident and I’ll be able to record each video pretty much in one take.

Choose a time to batch record

I set aside a block of three to four hours. I try to pick a time when I will be alone in the house. I know too that I’m better if I record first thing in the morning. Later on in the day, I lose my resolve a little bit. It’s easy to find other things to do, but if you do it first thing, you’re psyched up for it. Your make-up’s fresh ladies too!

Plan your outfit changes each video to keep things looking different in each one. And ladies… if you’re recording a few videos, I’d say it’s absolutely justifiable if you want to go to the hairdresser!

So you’ll need to work out how many videos to record each time and just see what works for you. I personally find that after the first video, my confidence has increased and I’m really getting into the swing, but any more than four, and I start to loose a little bit of energy.

So now you’ve got your videos, batch recorded. You can edit them in a batch or send them to your editor in a batch, which is a huge advantage because some editors even offer a more favourable rate for batch contents.

Batch schedule your social posts

A great batching hack is to even batch schedule your social posts, to promote your YouTube videos. So you can schedule everything advanced the whole month.

I do this using Agorapulse. Now Agorapulse allows you to upload up to 100 text posts with links all at once. You just have to have your posts in a spreadsheet, which is then saved as a CSV file. And you upload from that. I show you how in the video above ☝️

It’s great, there’s no copy and pasting. There’s no typing posts out individually into your scheduling platform.

So there we have it. The joys of batch recording, the way it helps you stay consistent and saved so much time, hassle and energy too.

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