How to blog consistently

How to blog consistently

One of the biggest problems people face once they’ve made a start with blogging is that they struggle to blog consistently and produce content on a regular basis.

I recently took part in a 90 day challenge through the content marketing academy where you commit to producing a piece of content, whether that’s a blog, a video or podcast, every single week (some did it twice a week) for 3 months.

Before the challenge started I was daunted and unsure whether I’d be able to stick to my pledged weekly blog post but was determined to give it a try nevertheless.

What I found was that after the first couple of weeks I really got into the swing of things. It’s so easy to put your content creation tasks to the bottom of the pile – the washing and ironing can start to look quite appealing – but knowing that I’d agreed to take part in the challenge, pushed me to make it a priority.

Based on my own experience, here are 5 steps to take to blog consistently:

1. Set time in your diary

Treat the task of sitting down to write as you would, say, a client meeting. Put time in the diary and don’t be tempted to sacrifice it no matter what. At this point, it’s best to think about what time of day suits you to write. Some people are at their best in the morning (not me!) when their brain is fresh, others prefer to write in the evening, once they’ve got the kids to bed perhaps with a glass of wine (really helps get the creative juices flowing actually!)

If you can get into a routine, reaching a point where you blog consistently will seem less of a chore and something your get psyched up for and work yourself up to each week.

2. Set yourself the target of writing for 3 minutes a day

We all encounter writer’s block and it’s at times like that that we’re most susceptible to putting off blog writing and ignoring the scheduled timeslot we’ve made. If this is you, try setting yourself the target instead of writing for 3 minutes each day… that’s right, 3 minutes!

The goal of writing for 3 minutes feels achievable and you can guarantee that when you do sit down to write you’ll end up carrying on for far longer than that, but on the days when you really haven’t got it in you, you still haven’t failed!

3. Plan your topics in advance

From experience, I find that if I know what I need to be writing about, exact topics, key messages, etc. I am twenty times more motivated to write and to actually sit down and start doing it!

I really think having a content plan is half the battle. Grab a sheet of A4, use a whiteboard or post-it notes, whatever works for you and start by doing a brain dump of all your ideas on what to write about.

A great starting place is to think about all the questions you’ve ever been asked about your business or the products/service you offer. List them and turn them into blog posts.

Categorise the types of blog posts you plan on writing and schedule them into a content calendar. This will help you to be consistent with your content as you’ve already done some of the groundwork in terms of what you’re writing about, and at that point it’s just a case of sitting down to actually do it.

4. Make it a priority

If someone with a crystal ball told you that, in 12 months time after blogging consistently once a week, you would have quadrupled your client base/sold 10x more products, would you be more likely to make the time to sit down and blog once a week? I’m guessing the answer is yes.

I think one of the barriers to blogging is people not having the faith that it can work for them. Them not feeling quite convinced that it will really have the impact people tell them it will. I’m telling you now, if you commit to consistently blogging and address the problems and questions of your audience and potential clients/customers, that impact will be very real.

So, just in with both feet, go all in and you will FIND the time.

5. Join an accountability group or have a blogging buddy

Sometimes we all need someone to hold us accountable. It can be really useful to join an accountability group, where you share your goals and tasks for the coming weeks/months and you check in with them at certain intervals to talk progress. Often, just knowing that you have to share your progress with your peers can give you the nudge and motivation you need to get writing.

At the end of the day it’s about discipline and commitment. It’s about belief that if we put our all into providing value through quality content, we will reap the benefits, not overnight, but in time… and it’s about being OK with that.


Natalie’s mission is to help busy entrepreneurs and business owners achieve their business potential online through content marketing. She loves to help fill people with the confidence and enthusiasm they need to promote their business online.
Whether it’s through one-to-one training and coaching, public workshops or content strategy, I truly believe that with the right help and a patient teacher, anyone can take control of their own online marketing and enjoy the benefits of increased brand awareness, audience engagement and leads.

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