How to get more engagement on YouTube videos

Engagement is one of the biggest metrics YouTube uses as an indicator of how popular or not a video is, and therefore how favorably the algorithm treats it.

So what do we mean by engagement? Simply put it’s people liking, or even disliking your videos, commenting on them or sharing them.

In this video, I’m going to show you exactly how you can get more engagement, more likes and comments on your videos. Stick around to the end, because I share with you the exact ratios of comments to views, likes to views, and views to subscribers that are considered good, so you’ll know for sure whether the number of comments, likes and subscribes that you’re getting on each video is where it should be!

1. Ask people to take action

Whether that’s like, comment or subscribe, ask people in the video what it is that you want them to do. If you want people to comment, give them a reason to comment. Tell them why you want them to comment below.

For example,”Leave a comment below this video and let me know how much engagement you’re currently getting on your videos.” Or, “Let me know if there’s a certain trick that works for you.”

And when you’re asking people to subscribe, let them know what the benefit of them doing that will be. So for example, “Don’t forget to subscribe for twice weekly videos, full of tips for growing your YouTube channel.” Or, “Subscribe for more videos on how to get more subscribers, engagement, and views on your channel.”

2. Slot your calls to action in at the start of the video

It’s normal to find that there’s more people watching your video at the beginning, than at the middle and the end.

So if you can put your calls to action at the front of the video, where they’ll be seen and heard by more people, it just makes sense.!

3. Reply to every comment

A surefire way to encourage more engagement, is to respond to every comment you get on your YouTube videos. People appreciate that you’ve taken the time to reply and that means they’ll be much more likely to comment on one of your videos again.

They appreciate that you replied to them, and they’ll want to support your channel.

Even better respond and keep the conversation going. Now remember the more comments, the better. YouTube sees it as a sign that your video is popular if people are commenting, the algorithm will therefore favour it. So, if you can, respond to comments with another question to keep the conversation moving.

Now, once you’re getting comments in volume, they can be quite difficult to keep on top of. I use Agorapulse to manage, not only all of my YouTube comments, but comments across all of my social media channels.

It means only logging into one place to see all of my comments. And there are so many amazing tools to help you organise, manage, and respond to your comments, especially the Saved Responses Tool, which allows you to create template responses to YouTube comments, that you can use over and over again.

It will save you so much time. You can see more about that exactly how to create the saved responses inside Agorapulse in this video right here.

4. Make your videos engagingย 

Now it goes without saying that if you give value, if you impress people with your content, you will compel them to leave a comment.

Give value and people will thank you and want to help you back ?

How many comments isย good?

How do you know if the number of comments, likes, subscribes that you’re getting on your videos, is good or not? Well, according to Dane Golden of Vidiup these are the kinds of ratios that you should be looking at.

So comments to views 5%. So for every 1000 views on a video that would equal five comments per video.

In terms of the likes to views ratio, that’s 4%. So for every 100 views, you should get four likes on your video.

And on views to subscribers, that percentage is 14%. So for every 1000 subscribers that you have, you should get around 140 subscriber views per video.

Hopefully that just gives you an idea of where you’re sitting at the moment.

Do experiment with all these things and be sure to keep an eye on your analytics.

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