How to optimise your YouTube channel

I’m going to show you how to optimise your YouTube channel, in four easy steps.

Channel banner

The first key step when it comes to optimising your YouTube channel is to think about your channel banner. Your channel banner is a horizontal image that appears at the top of your channel page.

I recommend using a free tool like Canva to create an image which represents your business and your brand and the kind of content that you’re gonna be creating on your YouTube channel and make sure that it’s the right size.

The dimensions that YouTube recommends are 2048 pixels wide and 1152 pixels tallย and you can create those custom dimensions in tools like Canva.

Once you’ve created the image, it’s really easy to upload it. Just hover over the camera icon on your channel page and you can choose the image from your computer.

Check you’re happy with your profile picture too. Google may have pulled in your profile picture from your Google account. It may be one that you’re perfectly happy with. If not, again, it’s super easy to change just by hovering over the camera icon.

You can optimise your banner even further by adding links to your social channels to make it really easy for people to go and find you on different platforms and follow you over there.

Add links to your description

The second way that you can optimise your channel, is by doing a little bit of work with the description that appears underneath each video. The description plays a number of purposes.

At the very top, you should focus on the individual video that you’re promoting, that the description appears underneath. But underneath that there’s a few different ways that you can optimise your channel using this area of the description.

From the Creator Studio, go to the Settings tab on the left and select Default Settings. And here is where you can create a default description which will automatically upload every time you upload a new video.

So use this as much as you can to guide people to the places that you want them to go. It might be that you want to include a call to action to subscribe to your YouTube channel. You might want to direct them to where they can subscribe to your email list. It might be that you want to highlight certain playlists or videos that you’ve created. And you might want to include a little section on how it is that you help people and what it is that your business does.

Also include some hashtags that are relevant to your channel and the type of content you create. And you can also use the tags section to do a similar thing.

Use a tool like TubeBuddy to research which kind of tags might work best for you and your channel. There’s loads more in this video on how you can use TubeBuddy to do that.

Channel keywords

If you go to Settings and then click the Channel tab, you’ll see this is where you have the option to enter different keywords for your YouTube channel.

So again, use a tool like TubeBuddy to work out which keywords might work well for your channel. And choose ones which are relevant, keywords that really reflect the kind of content that you are uploading on a regular basis. So as you can see here, I’m always uploading YouTube tips, ways that people can grow their YouTube channel so that is reflected in the keywords that I’ve used for my channel.

Now what this does is it helps YouTube to work out what your channel is all about so that it knows when it might be appropriate to suggest your channel to people who may not already know about it and recommend that they watch your videos.

So it really is worth doing this, it takes two minutes, but it’s really going to increase your chances of getting your videos and your channel seen by people who have not yet discovered it.

Create playlists

Playlists are fantastic for getting people to binge watch your content. Every time you upload a video, you can create playlists which are based on themes or different topics of the kind of content that you create.

For example, for my channel I create a lot of videos on video optimisation so I have a playlist that’s entitled just that.

You can create as many playlists as you want and every time you upload a video, you can categorise that video and put it into the different playlists that it’s relevant to.

What this means is that when people land on your channel, they can see the playlist there on the homepage and they can choose what kind of topics that they’re interested in and it makes it much easier for them to access the kind of content that’s relevant to them.

They can also just hit go on a playlist and it will just play all of the videos and they are safe and you’re safe in the knowledge that they’re all going to be relevant to what they want to see.

All you need to do now is create some fantastic videos. If you’ve enjoyed this video, do subscribe to the channel and then you can be the first to hear about new videos as they’re uploaded!

P.s. Here’s access to a free trial of TubeBuddy, my go-to tool for YouTube channel growth! You can get three months to play around with this amazing tool. It’ll save you so much time and help you get so many more views on your YouTube videos.

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