How to promote your videos on Instagram

In this video, we’re going to look at different ways that you can promote your YouTube videos on your Instagram channel.

Especially in the early days of a YouTube channel, it’s just a fact that we have to drive traffic and drive views to our YouTube videos from other platforms.

Instagram is actually one of my preferred platforms for sharing my YouTube videos, just because it allows me to do it in such a creative way, and it’s where I most enjoy to be. Now if that’s the case for you, stick around for five different ways you can creatively share your videos on Instagram.

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are an amazing way to get really, really creative with the ways that you talk about and share your new videos.

Here’s a few different things that you can do.

Share a video clip on Stories. Bear in mind that on Instagram Stories, your clips are automatically split into 15 second clips, even if your video is longer than that. So don’t feel that you have to be limited to those 15 seconds.

See the YouTube video above for  example of what I do with my YouTube videos. I create an Instagram story for every single YouTube video that I put out there.

I use the poll feature, maximise all of the different graphics that are available to use just to make the stories look and feel really engaging.

Also, why not use the countdown feature? Not many people know about the countdown feature on Instagram stories, but it’s a great way to remind people that your video is going live that day and remind people when , so they’re ready and waiting when that video drops.

Although my Instagram stories are fairly stylised, there’s nothing to stop you just hopping on camera and talking for a few seconds about your new video. Maybe sharing what you’re going to be talking about or sharing one specific tip (leaving them to watch the YouTube video for all the tips)

Try to get people excited about your new video and make them want to watch it when it’s published.

Get active on publishing days!

Try to be really active on Instagram on the days that you’re putting videos out there.

The day that you publish is the day that you need to be active commenting on other people’s posts, you need to be active in your stories, active in your feed, and that’s because you want to be top of mind on that day for your Instagram followers, so that when your Story or your post goes out to say that your video is now live, you’re already in their head.


There’s two different ways that you can do it.

You can either share the full video, or you can share just a clip or a teaser and then ask people to hop over onto YouTube and watch the full video.

Either way, sharing on Instagram TV means that you’re just able to reach a larger audience. You’re appealing to those people who do use IGTV and who will watch videos on there.

IGTV also gives you the option to post a preview into your feed as well. The way I view it is that you’re almost getting a free post in your Instagram feed really for no extra work for you. It shows the first 60 seconds of the video that you’ve posted on IGTV, and then it encourages people to go over to IGTV to watch the full video.

Share your video links on Instagram

The standard classic way to share links on Instagram is to point people to your bio where you constantly update the one link that you’re allowed in there to your latest YouTube video.

Personally, I use a tool called which means that I can customise the links that I have available in my bio. So as well as links to podcasts that I’ve been on and various other places that I want to send my Instagram followers to, I always update the link page with a link to my latest video.

Don’t feel that you’re limited to posting links to your most recent video either. There’s no reason why you can’t post links to certain playlists to encourage people to binge watch your content.

Share clips or teasers of your video in the feed. You are limited to 60 seconds, but that still gives you loads of opportunities to share a clip of your video. If you mention three tips in your video for example, share one of them in that 60 second clip.

Something that I had great success with recently is sharing my bloopers.  I had a real struggle one day filming a video, and I shared all of the outtakes. It’s a really different and engaging way of getting people interested in your new video.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure that in that 60 seconds, it’s a clip that’s going to make people want to watch the full video. Don’t give too much away, but give them enough to get them curious, and to make them realise that it’s really going to be worth going over to YouTube and watching your full video when it’s live.

If we’re not already connected on Instagram, do head over there and find me, @natalie_hotcontent.

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