How to write a title for your next YouTube video

Do you want to know how to write a title for your next YouTube video that not only helps your video rank, but makes people want to click on it?

Video titles are really important and it’s worth spending some time to make them as good as they can be.

1.Include your keyword

To give your video the best chance of being found in YouTube search, make sure you include your keyword in the title of your video.

Ideally, your keyword needs to be in the first portion of your video title. So for example, if your focus keyword was going to be:

“Write better titles”, you could make sure that your video is actually entitled, “Write Better Titles For Your YouTube Videos”

2. Add a hook designed to entice 

It’s all very well optimizing your videos for search, but it’s just as important to optimise for humans and for people.

We have to entice people to our video, to make them want to click on it and watch it.

Using our example of “how to write better titles for YouTube videos”, a more enticing way of phrasing this title might be to call it something along the lines of, “Quick and Easy Ways to Get More Views on Your Videos.”

And the quick and easy way to get more views on your videos is exactly what you talk about in the video. It’s all about how to write better titles for your videos and the end result of that, is that you’ll get more views and more people watching your videos.

Now, the problem is that the title, “Quick and Easy Ways to Get More Views “on Your YouTube Videos,” isn’t necessarily what people would type in to YouTube search in order to find your video. It’s just not necessarily the language that people would use.

And so, you have two options. You can either create two separate videos, one with a title focusing on the exact keyword or phrase that a user would likely type into search, and the other with a more enticing title designed specifically to draw people in to watch it.

Or, you can stick with just one video and try and incorporate both elements – a title optimized for search and for humans into one video title.

This can be done, and somebody who does it really well are Andrew and Pete. So let’s have a quick look at how they do it.

Titles optimised for search and humans

One of Andrew and Pete’s videos titles is “Email Marketing for Small Business | More Sales”

Their focus keyword for this video was ’email marketing for small business’. But they separate the title and ad a more enticing piece on the end, which describes the benefit of people watching this video, that is that people will get more sales… The result of better email marketing for your small business is going to mean more sales.

Another of their videos is titled “Get More Paid Speaking Gigs | Seven Steps to 10k”

The focus keyword for this video was paid speaking gigs. But at the end, they’ve tagged on, “Seven Steps to 10K.” This appeals to people’s love of a certain number of steps to achieve something and the 10K adds is that extra element of enticement as they mention cold, hard cash.

So there you have it. The key to great YouTube video titles is to do your research first, pick your focus keyword or phrase, and make sure that your title is optimized for both search and for people.

Don’t be afraid to experiment, to analyze and measure over time what seems to work for you, your channel, and your audience.

There’s going to be many more videos on every topic you need to help you grow your YouTube channel so do head over to YouTube and subscribe 😍

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