An online course that pulls everything you need to know to be able to blog successfully together into one place and takes you step by step from stuck, confused and downright unconvinced, to uplifted, confident and bursting with ideas and know-how.This course is about the HOW. Obviously, we cover the why to get you started but I’ve made sure the focus is on giving you what you need to actually IMPLEMENT the course material.It’s packed full of every single thing you need in your toolkit to get started with, or improve at, blogging.


Course C​ontent

  • Introduction: How does blogging grow your business and bring you clients?
  • Module 1: What to write about
  • Module 2: Getting the look and layout right
  • Module 3: Fitting blogging into your life
  • Module 4: Optimising your blog posts
  • Module 5: Promoting your blog posts


  • Accompanying Ebook
  • Worksheet
  • 20 minute follow-up call/Q & A session with Natalie

Get immediate and lifetime access to the course for £79.

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