4 Ways to Promote Your YouTube Channel

In an ideal world, we’d hit publish on our YouTube videos, sit back and watch the subscriber numbers and the view count soar.

But unfortunately, unless you already have a huge subscriber base, the truth is that you have to do quite a lot of hard work to get your video seen.

Too many people ignore all of the different promotional steps that you have to take to get your video in front of as many people as possible.

But it’s only by putting in this hard work, once your video has been published, that you’ll start to see the results that you really want.

In this video we look at four ways you can promote your YouTube channel off YouTube to grow your channel fast – from my Fiat 500 Flavia 🚘

Promote your videos in Facebook groups

Join relevant Facebook groups which will contain members who have an interest in the types of video content that you’re creating.

Where possible try to promote your YouTube channel in those groups but here’s the caveat, you have to be really, really careful… we’re not talking about selfless promotion, we’re not talking about spamming Facebook groups with constant mentions and promotion of your channel.

What we’re actually talking about is being helpful and engaging with people on a truly genuine level, so that they come to recognize your name and what it is that you do.

So, a prime example of how you can do this is to look for questions that people are asking inside Facebook groups and see if you can help to answer those questions by pointing people towards relevant videos that you’ve already created on your channel. So, this is a win win situation, you’re pointing people, new potential subscribers and viewers of your channel, towards your videos, but you are actually being genuinely helpful by answering a question that they have with your existing content.

Pick one, two, maybe a maximum of three Facebook groups and monitor those Facebook groups on a daily basis, rather than joining 10, 20 Facebook groups and actually only being able to dip into them to look for questions, maybe once a fortnight. Start small but really focusing on being active and helpful in those groups.

Use Facebook ads

Obviously there is some expenditure involved here, but it can be well worth it. So, the first tip I have here is to really understand your YouTube audience, so that you can then use this to build the same type of audience in Facebook Ads Manager.

So, initially you can use this interest based audience to run a traffic campaign, maybe use a short teaser clip from the YouTube video, which drops some great value with a promise of more and ask people to come on over to you YouTube to watch the full video.

So for example, if your YouTube video contains three tips, drop one of those tips in your Facebook Ads clip, so you’re encouraging people to come over to YouTube and get the full value of the video, the other two tips. And don’t forget as well, you can use the watch more button in the ad, which is really helpful.

And now look at building audiences of the people who watch the video the longest. So for example, an audience of people who watched 75% or 100% of the video and then build different look a like audiences off this seed audience to test.

Feed these audiences in to test against the initial interest based audience, and now make decisions based on data, look at the breakdown by platform, age and by gender, and optimize your ads to spend your money where you get the best results.

Promote your videos to your email list

If you’re actively building a list of email subscribers then promoting your new videos and your YouTube channel as a whole can be really effective.

Every time, or thereabouts, I publish a YouTube video I broadcast out to my email list that there’s a new YouTube video live, and we do the same for clients as well and we really notice that boost in viewer numbers each time we do it, even after say 15 minutes of sending out that email blast.

Now, remember to do this within the first 24 hours after your video’s been published, because remember it’s those 24 hours that is the magic time slot for YouTube, it puts so much weight on what happens in this first 24 hours after any video has been published. To help the algorithm work out how popular your video is and therefore how many more people it should push it out to in suggested.

Use Instagram

Now the fourth way, and my personal favourite way, to promote your YouTube channel is on Instagram.

I’ve done a full video right here, in much more detail, exactly how you can use Instagram to promote your YouTube channel.

Instagram and YouTube go together like crackers and cheese 🧀

I’ll let people know when a new video is due to be released with a specially designed image, I’ll use a different type of post to tell people about the new video with the caption explaining what people are going to learn to give them a little bit of a teaser and to get them curious about the video and I also make sure that I am using relevant hashtags as well.

I also focus quite heavily on Instagram stories when I’m promoting my new videos and my channel as a whole. I also try to get people engaged by asking questions, using the poll feature, getting them to actually click, using graphics to keep things interesting and engaging and using all different kinds of animations.

Make sure that you update the link in your bio on a regular basis, each time you create a new video, so that you can always be pointing people to your bio for the latest video link. Instagram have so many amazing features to help you promote your YouTube channel, so do have an experiment and try and get those Instagram followers from Instagram over to your YouTube channel.

Speaking of Instagram, if you don’t already follow me over there, go and find me, it’s natalie_hot content!

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