Power Hour

The Power Hour – A one hour session solely focused on you to help you move forward with confidence

Sometimes nothing else will do but to sit down and talk to someone about your business and the challenges you face. In an hour video call, you decide the focus, and the session will be tailored to your specific needs.

Here are just some of the ways you can use the power hour, to:

  Pick my brains

  Work on your online marketing strategy

  Come up with blog topics and titles

I’ll send a key actions summary  to you after your power hour so you are clear on your next steps and can get to work on implementation right away.

With your permission, I’ll also make a recording of the call which I will send to you afterwards so that you have a record of everything we’ve talked about.


​To book your ‘Power Hour’ for £79.00 visit this link. You will receive a confirmation email together with details of how to make payment before the call.

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