Digital Marketing

Enjoy the convenience of a single point of contact for all your digital marketing services.

These days, written content is just a part of the picture when it comes to digital marketing. As technology advances, consumers expect so much more from your website and email campaigns.

Smart phones and tablet computers put tomorrow’s technology right in the hands of your customers, with high definition screens, superb sound and even virtual reality capabilities. It is vital to stay up to date with the changing face of digital marketing, or your company could be left behind.

To complement our core services, Hot Content works with carefully chosen industry professionals to deliver a

complete digital marketing solution. Together we can give you access to all the latest ideas and innovations, from embedded videos to animated infographics, to truly engage and entertain your customers. We can help you to deliver your messages in the most easily accessible ways, creating understanding and driving response.

We can also create state of the art websites that work across all formats, allowing your customers to interact with you in a familiar way wherever they are, whatever device they are using.

We can coordinate your campaign, through our partners, to offer:

Video Marketing

A complete service from script to screen to bring your message alive in emails, websites and social media.


Explaining complex ideas in the simplest terms to graphically illustrate your ideas.

Website Creation

Fluid flexible websites, with easy navigation, to attract and engage your customers.

Maximise your reach and impact with cutting edge digital marketing from Hot Content and our partners.

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