SEO Copywriting

Create copy that attracts the interest of search engines as much as it attracts your customers.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a complex and fluid process with ever changing rules. Through SEO copywriting we’ll ensure that your online content includes the optimal keywords for your business and services in your area. What’s more, we will continually analyse and audit your site to keep the content fresh and working as hard as possible, monitoring the most popular keyword searches to make sure you stay there.

Of course, a high ranking is only half the story. It’s easy to forget that while your website is ranked by algorithms, it

is read by people. It is pointless writing engaging copy that is never found, but it is just as meaningless to have highly ranked copy that leaves your customers cold. At Hot Content, our SEO copywriting works both ways, attracting the interest of your customers as much as it attracts the search engines.

If you’d like to discover more about how our search engine optimised content can benefit your online marketing, visit our blog writing and website content section.

Our SEO copywriting services are key to your content strategy, and include:

SEO Copywriting


Finding the words and phrases your customers search for the most often and incorporating them into your titles and your text.

SEO Copywriting

Competitor Research

Finding words and phrases your competitors rank highest for, and finding creative alternatives.

SEO Copywriting


Testing your text to make sure it is working as hard as it should be doing and meets the latest search parameters.

Digital Marketing


Teaching your team the essentials of SEO, to ensure all your copy comes out on top.

Make sure your customers can find your company with high ranking optimised copy from Hot Content.

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