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Tuesday, 20th February 2018

10am to 4pm, Newton Rigg Conference Centre, Penrith

In this workshop Natalie explores the qualities necessary and the steps to take to build a powerful personal brand. Using real-life examples, she demonstrates how to harness the power of creative content marketing to build an audience which is not just ready, but eager, to work with you or buy from you.

Perhaps you’re a business owner looking to gain more clients, build an audience and become regarded as an authority on your subject? Or perhaps you’re employed and looking for a promotion or want to gain recognition within your industry?

Being known and having an audience is essential to your success regardless of your end goal and, in the digital age, the barriers of entry to building an audience are lower than they’ve ever been. In this presentation Natalie shows you how to use content to create a powerful digital presence and open up opportunities you never thought you’d have.

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Tuesday, 27th March 2018

Newton Rigg Conference Centre, Penrith

There’s no avoiding the fact that blogging is an essential part of getting your business noticed online, but while many have embraced the process of producing regular written content there remain those who still don’t actually see how it can help them with the one area of their business that’s most crucial, and that is actually getting them customers.

In fact, of those who do blog regularly, there are still some who do so more because someone has told them it’s important and that they’ll get left behind if they don’t rather than because they truly believe that by producing the right type of content in the right way, it WILL lead to more customer enquiries, more sales and ultimately more money.

If you’re prepared to commit to it, blogging absolutely will increase leads, enquiries and sales.

The benefits of blogging:

More people will see your website

You will become the go-to person in your industry on the topic about which you write

You will stand out from your competition

People will want to work with you because they see you are an expert and they have grown to know, like and trust you

This workshop is for you if:

You’re still on the fence about blogging and how it can help your business

You know you need to start blogging but don’t know where to start

You need more people to visit your website

You’re looking to gain more clients and leads without spending a fortune on paid advertising

You’re losing business to competitors who are ahead of the game with their online marketing

Besides a solid understanding of the benefits of blogging and how it drives more people to your business you will learn:


Which the best blogging platform is to use

What you should be writing about

How to put together a blogging schedule

How to lay out your blog post

How to optimise your blog posts for search

How to write blog post titles that will be found in search

How to promote your blog posts and drive people to them

How to use calls to action in your blog posts

You will come away from this training with all the tools and knowledge necessary to begin your own blog and start increasing your visibility online and engaging with your audience. There will of course be the chance to relate your own business to what we learn on the day and gain feedback from myself and from other attendees as we bounce ideas around the room for how we can each approach our blogging strategy.


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Search Engine Optimisation Workshop

Friday, 20th April, 2018

10am to 4pm, Newton Rigg Conference Centre, Penrith

For most people, search engine optimisation seems complex, technical and, quite frankly, terrifying.


All SEO is, is a way to make sure more of the RIGHT people find your website.

Every single business today needs to have an online presence and, so long as Google and other search engines exist, having a visible website is an essential part of this.

This workshop is for you if:

The mere mention of the words ‘search engine optimisation’ strikes fear into your heart

You know you need more people to see your website but you don’t know how to make that happen

Your website is not on page 1 of Google

You want to improve the performance of your website

You want to be able to learn the basic techniques to optimise your website pages without relying on your web developer

What you will learn:

What Google wants from your website in order for it to show it in search results

What content your website should include

How to pick the best keywords for your website content

How to write meta titles and descriptions

How the URLs of your website pages should be structured

How to optimise images for search

How blogging can dramatically improve your website’s SEO

This workshop will give you the toolkit and confidence you need to take control of your website’s SEO and start driving relevant and quality traffic to your website.

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