What Can You Expect?

I love engaging, entertaining and educating audiences with clear, concise and actionable ideas and advice. I’m not about blinding people with science and making myself look smart, I’m about making connections and inspiring confidence in people.

I’m passionate about the topics on which I speak and even more passionate about empowering people to move forward with their businesses confidently using the actionable advice I have provided.

Natalie Hailey Speaking at Newcastle Start Up Week
Natalie Hailey Speaking at Newcastle Start Up Week

What does Natalie speak about?

I’m in my element when I’m talking about any of the following:

Content marketing

 Social media marketing

Personal branding

Female entrepreneurship

I will always adapt my talks to suit your audience and as far as possible relate ​the topics on which I speak to a particular industry at specialist events.

Previous/Popular Talks

  Keeping it Real: Lessons learned the hard way in creating a commercially viable business

This talk lays bare my experiences of starting a business. The struggles I faced with identity, knowing my client and, most importantly, a lack of money. I share the 5 things I did to turn my business around and make sure it was a commercially viable one.

 Content Creation: Sloooow it down!
In a world of content overwhelm, less is more and it should definitely be quality over quantity. This talk explores how to improve and repurpose the content you do create to reach the largest audience without content creation becoming your full time job!


Upcoming Talks

Recent Talks

February 1

Blogging for Business, Broadacre House, Carlisle

Blogging for Business, Broadacre House, Carlisle

April 20

Search Engine Optimisation Workshop

SEO For Beginners

For most people, search engine optimisation seems complex, technical and, quite frankly, terrifying. But… All SEO is, is a way to make sure more of the RIGHT people find your website. Every single business today needs to have an online presence and, so long as Google and other search engines..Read More

April 24

Build Your Personal Brand Online, Blackburn

Build Your Personal Brand Online, Blackburn

May 15

Newcastle Startup week

Read more at https://newcastlestartupweek.com/

July 15

talking point of business conference 2018

Talking Point of Business Conference, Newcastle

Find out more at http://www.thelaunchpadacademy.co.uk/events/talking-point-business/

September 1

Kickstart Social, London

December 5

The International Social Media Conference, Manchester

The International Social Media Conference, Manchester

Find out more here http://www.social-media-conference.co.uk

What People Say


Natalie works with businesses to help them build their presence online through content marketing and enable them to draw in more of the right clients for them.

Through consultancy, coaching, mentoring and training, both on and offline, she helps people to create quality, share-worthy content to build a brand which people are drawn to.

Natalie is determined to show that with the right help and a patient teacher, anyone can take control of their own online marketing and enjoy the benefits of increased brand awareness, audience engagement and leads.

You can find out more at www.hotcontent.co.uk.


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