Strategy Call

If you’re feeling a little lost with your YouTube channel, a bit overwhelmed with it all and a bit frustrated at the speed of your channel’s growth.

By the end of our call you’ll have:

  • A clear idea of what’s working and what’s not
  • Action points and the know-how to make the changes you need to make which will have the biggest impact
  • Ideas and inspiration for your videos
  • Several things you can do to increase your views and subscribers

Examples of what we can cover:

  • How to optimise your video content
  • How to improve your YouTube Channel
  • How to set up a brand new YouTube channel
  • How to increase the amount of your videos people watch
  • How to get more views and subscribers on your channel
  • How to get more likes and comments on your videos
  • How to get more people to click on your videos 
  • How to write better video titles 
Natalie Hailey Bespoke Photography Session at SMMW19

You’ll get a recording of your session so there’s no need to scribble down notes as we talk.


Let’s have a natter about the best way we can work together to make sure you’re making maximum impact with your content.

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