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Tag research for YouTube is essential in making sure that your videos are optimised and that you’re giving your videos the best chance of being found in search and suggested videos.

What are tags?

Tags are words and phrases used to give YouTube context as to what your video is about. They help the algorithm work out what your video contains so it knows who best to serve your video to in search results and suggested videos.

Your focus keyword

The first thing that you do for any YouTube video is to find the focus keyword or phrase that you’re going to use to focus on in that video. There’s loads more about exactly how to do that in this video right here, but basically your chosen keyword is going to form the basis and starting point for choosing your tags.

Your focus keyword should be the very first tag because YouTube puts more weight on the tags that appear first.

Remember as well, there’s absolutely no point in trying to trick the algorithm by saying that your video is about something when it’s not… if you’re saying that you’re doing a video about horses, for example, and people click to watch and they realise it’s nothing to do with horses, your watch time and viewing figures are going to plummet, and that’s going to damage your channel.

So be honest and just stick to what is actually contained in your video.

Complementary tags

Now you’ve got your primary keyword or phrase at the very beginning of your tags, you’ll want to add some more tags. Tags that complement that keyword or phrase and give YouTube even more information on what your video’s about.

You want to give YouTube as much valuable information as you can, so that they can serve it in suggested and search results.

Here’s where TubeBuddy comes in.

Let’s taking the example of one of my previous videos: When is the right time to outsource your video editing?

As as you can see in the video above, the keyword or the key phrase, “when is the right time to outsource video editing” was my researched, focused keyword slash phrase. And I’ve actually used that as my title. So the first key word I use is exactly that one.

Another great feature of TubeBuddy is the option to sort the order of your tags automatically by rank.

TubeBuddy does a lot of the hard work for you when it comes to selecting the best tags to use. Bear in mind that if you’re on the free version (which still give access to amazing features) one of the areas which are limited is the suggested tags feature.

If you’re on the free version, you can only see perhaps the first three of these tags and then to actually find out more, you’d have to do your own research. For me, upgrading to the pro version, which I believe at this point in time of making this video is around $9 per month, is well worth it to have access to the unlimited suggested tags.

To make your tags even more specific to your keyword, TubeBuddy has a great feature where you can actually input the keyword that you’re targeting in a given video. It sometimes gives you some more useful tags to use.

Bear in mind, it’s not all about using the top ranking tags. It’s about giving YouTube the right information and helping the algorithm to serve your video to the right people.

If you want to find out more about optimising your channel for YouTube search and how to add channel specific tags, head to this video right here to find out more about that.

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