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YOU are your brand! - Hot Content

YOU are your brand!

We are constantly being told how important it is to find a niche and that whatever product or service we’re offering is different from the rest. In such a competitive marketplace, it’s not easy to set yourself apart from the rest nor is it, I believe, realistic to expect to be able to reinvent the wheel with what you’re offering every time.

It may be a relief to hear that regardless of whether you’re blazing the trail or appear to offer something very similar to your competitors, your business is already innately different from them… because of YOU.

Consider infinity… apply it to the endless ways in which we as individuals bring ourselves and our personalities into our businesses, add that touch of sparkle, inject that sense of fun, compassion… whatever your unique qualities, they can, if you allow them, permeate everything you do in your business.

Increasingly, people expect more than just a simple transaction when buying – the beliefs, values and business practices of the people and companies they do business with seem to matter more and more. Above all, consumers want authenticity.

What better way to promote the authenticity of your brand than being YOU? The old adage of people buying from people holds true. I know myself, that I am naturally drawn to working with those with whom I identify and, quite honestly, can be myself around.

Don’t be afraid to show your human side, share your sense of humour where appropriate and be true to yourselves. Not only will you engage and endear your audience when you do this but think of the enjoyment to be had as you work towards your own goals whilst remaining true to your personal values. So much of the traditional ‘corporate’ business world goes against the grain for many of us.

Keep whatever is it about you that you feel it’s important that your audience knows about you and what you really want to share with them at the forefront of your mind when you create your content and always question how far each of your personal and business values is reflected in it.

Drop the game face and just be you!

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