YouTube Time Saving Hacks

If keeping an eye on and responding to your YouTube comments is taking up too much of your time, then these time-saving hacks are going to be a game changer.

I’ll show you a few different ways you can make your YouTube process and workflow more slick, more efficient and ultimately quicker so that you can spend more time actually creating more and better video and do some other stuff like spend some time with your family or work on growing your business ?

Monitor your YouTube comments the easy way

Chances are at the moment you’ll get an email sent to your email address letting you know that you’ve got a comment on a YouTube video, or when you log into YouTube, you’ll see your notifications right there and fom there, it’s then a case of clicking on each individual notification and replying to the comments there.

Pretty clunky, huh?

So now let’s look at how to do it the easy way.

I monitor all the comments on my social media posts and on YouTube using Agorapulse and this means that I only have to log into one place, once a day to see all of my different comments in different places.

There’s no hopping around from channel to channel which is a time saver in itself. in the video above I talk you through different ways you can use this amazing tool to manage your YouTube comments but in a nutshell here are just some of the things you can do with comments in Agorapulse:

? Filter them

? Reply to them

? Assign them to other team members

? Create saved replies

There’s so much that you can do with YouTube comments using Agorapulse and it really does save so much time.

It’s still important to log onto YouTube for certain things, one thing for example is that at the moment at least, Agorapulse doesn’t offer the functionality to actually pin comments. So if that’s something that you want to do, I would recommend still going into YouTube and pinning comments there.

But most of your daily comment tasks can be managed from with inside the Agorapulse tool which is amazing.

If you want to see more about how you can manage your YouTube comments using Agorapulse you can do that in this video.

Batch record video

A lot of what takes the time when it comes to recording YouTube videos is getting everything set up, getting your set right, getting your position right, the hair, the makeup, the outfit.

If you get yourself prepared and get a few scripts written in advance you’ll save yourself so much time with all of the faffing around that you have to do with each video.

You’ll only have to do it once to record four or five (or more!) rather than once every single time you have to record each and every video.

Get organised

The next way you can save yourself tons of time in your YouTube process is to get organised.

The more organised you are with your content and your YouTube workflow and processes, the more efficiently you’ll work and the more time you’ll save.

Getting lost with where you are with things, getting lost and stressed about where you’re up to with everything eats up precious time and energy. I have my entire workflow process for YouTube written just on a simple spreadsheet and I use it for me and my team to keep track of where we’re all up to with each of the different elements that we work on for the videos.

That way, when I come back to working on stuff for my own channel after I’ve been doing client work and working on other clients channels, I know where I’m up to.

I also have an audit of all my own YouTube content as well and that again is just a really simple spreadsheet.

It means that when I’m publishing my videos to YouTube and I want to add cards and end screens linking off from one video to others, it means I never have to go and search on my YouTube channel for the right URL for the video I want to link to.

I’ve got all the URLs next to the title for each video right there on the spreadsheet. It also works really well because I repurpose all of my videos into written blog content. So when I want to link one blog to another blog or one video on my blog to another video, again, I’ve got all the URL.


One of the best ways to save time on your YouTube work is to outsource the parts that are taking you too long to do.

Sometimes we just have to face facts, what might take us five hours staring at a screen to do might take somebody else five minutes.

Video editing is a prime example. It’s often one of the first aspects of a YouTube channel that people outsource because, unless it’s your forte, it takes a huge amount of time to do.

If that’s you or if that’s you with a different kind of tasks such as keyword research, it might be time to get the experts in. You might spend ages agonising over choosing the right keywords, but somebody else might be able to do it much more confidently and much more quickly. But don’t forget as well that you can use keyword research tools to make this part of the process much quicker.

TubeBuddy is my go-to software for keyword research and channel growth in general.

If you want to get a three month free trial to TubeBuddy to try out all of the features click here.

So have a think, what are your strengths? What are the different things, the different aspects of your whole YouTube process?

The things that perhaps are taking you much longer than it would take somebody else to do and the things that are taking you away for doing the really important things that only you can do such as recording great video more frequently. I hope these tips are gonna help you save time to free up more of your time to do the things that you really love.

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